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Private Lessons

Contact Taina: +44 (0)79 497 43 549
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If you want something a bit different
for your daytime activity,
book a fun dance session
in Central Manchester location!

Dance Sessions for Hen Parties


Charleston hen party - our end pose!

During the 2-hour session you will get your feet, body and arms moving to the style of your choice and have a lot of laughs. More and more "Ladies Only" hen parties want to perform their dance at the wedding; just let me know in advance and I'll choreograph and fun and easy piece for you.

Your hen party might be a traditional "ladies only" - choose from:
  • 1920s Charleston
  • 1940s Swing Dancing / Lindy Hop
  • 1950s Rock'n'Roll
  • Modern - All the Single Ladies
    Dancing will be mainly done solo.

Or perhaps you have a mixed, male & female "hen"-party - choose from:

  • 1940s Swing Dancing
  • 1950s Rock'n'Roll
  • Ballroom (Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Quickstep)
  • Latin (Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba)

    Moves will be mainly partnered.


If you would like to capture those fun moments of yourselves dancing, then I can shoot a video at the end of the session. This would consist of:
  • two takes (different angles) by freehand
  • compiling the best bits
  • choice of media:
    • webpage only - with a private address. The video will be valid for 6 months. Fee £20
    • on webpage and on a DVD posted to you. Fee £40